What you need to know about the working from home tax relief.

Aske Buemann

CEO & Co-founder

Did you work from home during the pandemic? Here is how to claim a tax relief for your job expenses.

The UK government introduced a temporary measure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that allows employees who have incurred additional expenses as a result of working from home to claim tax relief. The purpose of this measure is to help offset the costs that employees have incurred while working from home, such as increased heating and electricity bills, office equipment and stationery.

What type of expenses can you claim for?

  1. The cost of heating, lighting, and electricity required to do your job.
  2. The cost of business calls made from your home telephone or mobile.
  3. The cost of broadband and other necessary Internet expenses.
  4. Equipment costs, such as purchasing or upgrading a laptop or computer, printer, or other necessary equipment.
  5. Stationery or other necessary office supplies.

It is worth noting that only the additional costs incurred as a direct result of working from home can be claimed, and not costs that would be incurred in any case. For example, the full cost of a broadband package or electricity bill cannot be claimed, only the additional cost of usage that is directly related to work. Also, expenses that are reimbursed by the employer cannot be claimed.

How do I claim the tax relief?

There are two ways to claim tax relief: either by claiming a tax deduction for allowable expenses or by receiving a tax-free allowance. The tax deduction option is available for expenses such as equipment (e.g. computers, printers, and office furniture), utility bills (e.g. electricity, heating, and water), and phone and internet costs that are used for work purposes.

To claim the tax relief, employees can use HM Revenue & Customs' online service, which will calculate the amount of relief they are entitled to. Alternatively, they can claim the relief on their annual tax return. The amount of tax relief will depend on the specific expenses incurred and the individual's tax rate.

The tax-free allowance is a simpler way to claim relief, as it does not require receipts or calculations. It allows employees to claim £6 per week (or £26 per month) without the need for supporting documentation. This means that they can receive up to £312 per year tax-free, which you can easily submit a claim for on TaxHelper.io.

It's important to note that these tax relief measures are temporary and only apply to the tax year 2021-2022. It's also worth remembering that the tax relief only applies to expenses that are necessary for work, and not for personal use.

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