What is the process with TaxHelper?

Our process has 4 simple steps

1. Answer simple questions

The first step is that you answer a few simple questions, and we will guide you through 10 relevant and often overlooked tax refunds. It's precisely on these refunds that employees in the UK miss out on billions of pounds every year, so if you go through the platform, we'll do our best to make sure you get your share.

TaxHelper acts as a personal tax assistant, asking you some simple questions to see what tax refunds you are entitled to. It typically takes 15 minutes to go through the questions and see what you can get back.

2. Tax refunds are submitted

The next step is that we check your claim is filled correctly, then we get it printed and post it to HMRC.

We will send you an email confirming that we have submitted your claim. From here, HMRC's expected processing time is 10-12 weeks, but we have experienced some claims where it took up to 20 weeks. So patience is key.

When it comes to tax, it is important that all calculations are completely correct. That's why we've built the platform together with certified accountants and tax specialists, so we can make sure it's correct. So you can submit your tax refunds with peace of mind and trust the results.

3. Response is received

TaxHelper is listed as your personal tax agent, so we receive responses from HMRC on your behalf. Once we receive a response to your claim, we will contact you as soon as possible. In some cases, HMRC will send the response directly to you. If you experience this please contact our support team and we will help you further.

If your claim is approved by HMRC we will send you an email with the payout you will receive and a calculation of our fee. If your claim is not approved by HMRC we will also send you an email with an explanation. In TaxHelper we only charge for our service if we can find a tax refund for you. In other words, if you don't get a refund, our service is completely free. It's our way of making sure that you don't pay for anything you get no value from - also known as 'no cure, no pay'.

It happens that HMRC is delayed in releasing payment once a P800 (tax calculation letter) has been issued, so we kindly ask you to be patient if you experience a delay.


4. Tax refund is paid out

The final step is that HMRC pays out the tax refund to us by cheque. It can take up to 21 days for the cheque to reach us once it has been released by HMRC (they are typically released within 14 days).

Once we have received the cheque, we need to process it and deposit it in our bank so it can be cleared before we pay it out to you. Afterwards, we make the payment to you via bank transfer.

In some cases, HMRC will send the cheque directly to you. In that case, you can either contact us or wait for us to send you an invoice with our fee.

Got any questions?

We're here to help you at every step of the way, so you succeed in getting the money you're entitled to. You won't have to wait an hour in line to get through on the phone, and we speak in plain and understandable language - without using technical tax terms.

There are no silly questions, so don't hesitate to write us at support@taxhelper.io or call at 07360496276 - we are ready to help every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm.